Aircraft Wheels

KUNZ GmbH aircraft equipment sets standards with leading edge technology for aircraft wheel and brake service and overhaul. KUNZ Wheel & Brake Shop Equipment is in use with all major airlines and MRO’s.

KUNZ aircraft equipment provides a wide range of equipment for aircraft wheel maintenance, such as machines for wheel pre-cleaning, tire bead breaking, for wheel assembly / disassembly, for wheel / rim handling, for wheel torqueing, for wheel testing and for servicing of bearings. Our equipment is suitable for wheels and tires from all OEM brands, such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop, Meggit, Goodrich, Messier.





KUNZ UBB Universal BeadBreaker & KUNZ SBB Small BeadBreaker
KUNZ UAS Universal Assembly Stand & KUNZ UTS Universal Torquing System
KUNZ TTS Tire Test System
KUNZ UGT Universal Grease Tool
KUNZ WIS Wheel Inspection Stand
KUNZ DUBB Dynamic Universal BeadBreaker

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