Leader in specialised aircraft service and recovery equipment

KUNZ is the leading supplier of aircraft recovery equipment and servicing equipment for aircraft wheels and brakes, since its establishment in 1987.

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Expert for specialised Aircraft Recovery Equipment

The use of KUNZ equipment has a proven record of reducing the downtime of an airport or parts thereof in cases of aircraft accidents and it also reduces the risk of secondary damage to recoverable aircraft to a minimum.

As a result of its recovery know-how and long experience, KUNZ is able to offer the widest range of specially designed aircraft recovery equipment, carefully designed and engineered to meet airport and aircraft operator’s requirements.

Leading in Aircraft Wheel and Brake
Servicing Equipment

KUNZ sets standards with leading edge technology for aircraft wheel and brake service and overhaul. KUNZ aircraft wheel and brake equipment is in use with all major airlines and MROs, where it meets the challenging demands of the industry.

KUNZ is committed to technical excellence and continuous progress and development in order to reduce operational costs in component service and overhaul and to manufacture durable, solid and user efficient equipment. Our team of highly qualified aeronautical, electrical, mechanical, mechatronical and technical process engineers continuously works on new products and product improvements.

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