FAQ - Frequently asked Questions


How to break the bead of radial tires?

Follow the procedure for radial tires! Request a copy by e-mail from spares(at)kunz-aircraft.com.

Is the use of lubricant applied to the bead seat of the rim helpful?

Yes, for radial tires, once the bead of the radial tire is broken! With a lubricant applied onto the rim seat the bead toe of the tire will slip easier. Do not apply lubricant to the tire side walls!

Wheel Assembly / Disassembly

Do we need a tool holder (adapter) for KUNZ UAS Universal Assembly/Disassembly Stand machines for each different wheel model/make?

Yes, even wheels for the same type of aircraft may differ in bolt circle dimensions or wrench sizes for nuts and bolts, if from different manufactures (e.g. Goodrich, Dunlop, Honeywell, Messier-Bugatti).

Do you offer tool holders (adapters) for other than KUNZ assembly machines?

Yes, please specify machine make with your order!

Can we use tool holders (adapters) of other makes with the KUNZ assembly machines?

Yes, a matching interface is required and available from KUNZ!